To experience ongoing business success in this new COVID normal environment, a clean workplace is vital. Regardless of which industry you’re in, like it or not, cleaning has become a critical aspect in every business keeping their doors open.

We’ve all witnessed the media coverage and devastating impact of the COVID virus being spread via contact at particular businesses. Businesses have been immediately shut down by authorities leaving a negative impact on their business reputation. The financial loss can be substantial and irreversible – and no business wants to experience that.

The absolute cleanliness of your workplace is vital to the health and hygiene of your employees, staff, clients and visitors. This is where cleaner training, which underpins the skill and expertise of those doing the cleaning, comes into play.

Cleaner Training: The Key to Business Success

Sadly, many in society don’t regard cleaning as a skill. At iClean, we strongly disagree with this viewpoint. We undertake a rigorous program of cleaner training with all our team members, to ensure your workplace is always properly cleaned and disinfected. We understand the importance of having a clean environment and strive to exceed the expectations of our clients in every aspect of cleaning.

Cleaner training takes time and requires planning. It can sometimes be overlooked by some disreputable companies who are keen to fill positions and place cleaners on shifts quickly. We prefer to recruit, induct and train our staff methodically, because their skill, performance and the role they play is so critical to your business – and to ours! We find training employees helps provide greater job satisfaction and underpins our employee retention rates, ensuring we keep our skilled staff for the longer term.

As part of their systematic, comprehensive training, our cleaners have access to specific job training manuals, so they can reference any points which may require clarification. Our training materials are formulated based on the specific task the employee will be performing.

Training our cleaners is undertaken through four simple steps: Tell-Show-Do-Review. Our supervisors tell the cleaner how each job is done, then show them specifically how to do it. Next, the cleaner is asked to perform the task while the supervisor watches and then the pair review the performance of the cleaner, with constructive feedback provided.

Ongoing Training and Career Development

Having completed the above mentioned four steps, the new cleaner has demonstrated that they have grasped each concept and they now fully comprehend the requirements of the role.

As time progresses, we consistently provide ongoing training to our cleaners, which expands their knowledge and ability to properly clean the different areas and surfaces of a school or workplace. We convey positive reinforcement and any constructive feedback which may be required during their performance review. We offer opportunities for advancement within the company based on their level of knowledge, skill and motivation to succeed.

We have found this approach to ongoing cleaner training helps promote self-esteem and commitment in the individual, which in turn reflects positively on our company, helping maintain our high level of integrity.

What Ongoing Training Means for Our Valued Clients

Hygienic environment assured
Most importantly, with the iClean team on your side, you can rest assured of a hygienic and clean environment for your staff and clients to enjoy. Our priority is to pay attention to detail and to consistently deliver the a clean and fresh workplace after every service.

Great impressions
With cleaners who are well trained comes outstanding results, and this makes a great impression on your team and your clients.

Increased productivity
By our cleaners knowing their job and doing it well, your team is able to work more effectively and efficiently. There’s no need to tidy up beforehand or follow up on tasks left undone – our cleaner training confirms everything will be done to our high standards.

Continuity of service
Because our cleaning staff receive comprehensive training and stay longer in the job, our clients receive a continuously high level of service, rather than having new cleaners on a regular basis.

Thanks to our continuous cleaner training and the sense of value our staff have in themselves and their job, we deliver professional service which is second to none. This, in turn, enables your business to present in a professional light as well.

Want Fully Trained Cleaners for Your Workplace?

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