At times you may find it difficult to stay motivated and on track with your goals and exercise regime or personal goals. It can be very easy to lose your focus.

Our levels of motivation fluctuate and there are times when we struggle to stay focused on our long-term goals, whether they are personal or work-related.

Whenever you’re feeling unmotivated, ask yourself the following 5 questions.

1. What motivates me?

We develop routines and patterns of behaviour to accommodate our busy lifestyles. Sometimes we forget why we set our goals and started our hobbies and activities. Take time to revisit the reasons why you began. Maybe they helped you unwind and de-stress, perhaps exercise helped you to focus and give you energy, maybe time in nature rebooted your mind to cope with the stresses of everyday life?

Whatever your reason, reconnect with the reason why these goals and activities are important to you. Finding pleasure and enjoyment will improve your motivation because seeking enjoyment comes naturally.

2. Have I tried something new lately?

If your life has become routine and you are not slightly challenged, then mix things up a bit. It can be as simple as exercising in a different space, or sitting in a different seat at your weekly work meeting.

By altering your position or situation slightly you will have a different perspective. Sometimes a simple change in scenery is all we need to regroup, re-energise and rediscover the passion and enjoyment we have for our goals and hobbies.

3. Do I expect too much from myself?

Be kind to yourself. When you are getting back on track with your goals or hobbies do little bit at a time. Many of us try to do everything at once and when we don’t succeed we give up.

Don’t sabotage yourself. Take smaller steps. When you have created a new habit, you can continue to build from there.

4. Do I think too much? Am I overthinking things?

Don’t think, just do it! It’s self-explanatory. Sometimes we spend too much energy trying to manage negative thoughts and justifying our behaviour. This can be tiring! By managing these behaviours your motivation levels will increase.

5. Am I making excuses for myself?

Seek out ways to achieve things rather than avoid them. Achievers are often systematic and stay focused on obtaining their goals one step at time, often systematically. The task of trying to stay motivated becomes less relevant when we commit to a promise of ‘no excuses’.

In the cleaning industry we find a direct correlation between Motivation and Staff Performance and therefore we often work with our team to increase motivation and thus provide the Gold Standard in cleaning.

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