When a relationship isn’t given the care and respect it deserves, it can lead to the end.

Maybe it’s been a gradual decline in quality over a long time. Or maybe you weren’t convinced of the partnership from the start.

Either way, you feel like you’re coming to the realisation that your relationship with your commercial cleaner isn’t what you imagined it would be.

But how can you be sure it’s time to break up? We’re here to help you read the signs.

1. They don’t put in the effort you need

You feel neglected. You ask yourself, have the cleaners even been here? Or did they only come in, empty the bins, and dash out the door?

A sloppy effort can show itself in many ways. From vents clogged with dust and coffee rings on tables, to the blowfly that’s been hanging around in the toilet for two weeks.

These kinds of red flags shouldn’t be ignored. Nobody wants the bare minimum out of any relationship. It might mean your cleaners are spending more time on their phones than with their cleaning equipment.

2. They don’t dress for the occasion

You don’t want your date dressed for the wrong occasion. Trackie dacks at the ballet is never a good look.

Cleaning is a hot, physical activity. It should ring alarm bells if you see cleaners working in puffer jackets, or impractical footwear like thongs or crocs (and let’s be honest, there’s never a good reason to wear crocs!) So, what should they be wearing? A well-run organisation will make sure their staff are dressed in a uniform, complete with covered shoes.

3.They’re not listening to you

A good relationship is founded on solid communication. Your commercial cleaning company should have a communication system that lets you provide feedback and note any issues or tasks that need attention.

But it’s not enough to just have one-way communication, if your requests and complaints are being ignored, then it’s time to admit…. you have a communication breakdown.

And when the regular communication system isn’t enough for the serious issues… who you gonna call? 🎵 Do you know who to contact in management and how to reach them?

If you’ve had issues, were they taken seriously? Like any healthy relationship, you want your partner to acknowledge your concerns, validate them – and most importantly, remedy them efficiently.

4.They break their promises

At the start of a relationship, it’s easy to make promises to win someone over. But will the time and effort be put in to deliver on them?

These are the most common promises (at tender time) that we see broken.

  • Saying staff will spend four hours a night, then paying staff to do only two hours
  • Assuring you that staff are well trained, when it’s clear that they are not
  • Failing to induct new staff into new workplaces properly
  • Subcontracting work when they’ve promised to use their own employees
  • Promising to use new equipment, but that vacuum cleaner looks like it was built during the Cold War
  • Failing to pay staff, so their staff direct their complaints to you

Anything looking familiar?

Breaking up isn’t as hard as you think!

You deserve to walk into a clean workplace each and every day. And you deserve true customer service with minimum fuss.

So, we’re going to level with you. We’re going to say the words nobody wants to hear. It’s time to move on. It’s time to say the words ‘it’s not me, it’s you’ to your commercial cleaner.

But, we’ve got good news – moving on will be easier than you think. It doesn’t have to be a headache or a heartache.

This isn’t like that time you put off changing banks because of the effort involved. You can’t and shouldn’t put this off. We promise you, it will be pain free.

You can do better

Our professional relationships are founded on the same qualities as any fruitful life-long partnership – collaboration, communication, honesty and respect.

We don’t take our partners’ trust for granted. And we seek to build loyalty in all we do.

If you swipe right with us (we’re hip, we know the lingo), we will collaborate with you to create a scope of works that meet your needs, at a cost-effective price.

With us, you know what you’re getting. We recruit the best because we pay our team properly. What’s more, we believe in our staff, that’s why we introduce all our cleaners to our clients.

So, let us know how we can help you. It could be the start of a long and happy relationship together. You can get in touch with us directly at 1300 763 356.