Leadership 101 – Good People Are Found.

When I first listened to Mr.Rohn almost forty years ago he said something that has remained with me till this day. He said, “When I first went into business I got a team together and said to myself, “I’m going to get these people as motivated as me, even if it kills me. I almost died!”

He concluded, “Good people are not trained or motivated; they are found”, and added, “Don’t take your ducks to eagle school”.

Recently, a well-known national magazine had a full-page ad for a hotel chain. The first line of the attention-grabbing ad said “We do not teach our people to be nice.” The second line said “We hire nice people.”

And that’s how it works! Motivation is a mystery.

Why are some people motivated and others aren’t? Why does one commission-only salesperson see his/her first prospect at 7 a.m. and the other sees his/hers at 11 a.m.? Is it because that happens to be their “office hours”? I don’t know the answer. Let’s file that under mysteries of the mind.

Suppose a very wealthy, successful speaker says to an audience of 800 people: “I read this book and it started me on the road to becoming financially independent.”

Guess how many of the 800 go out and get the book? Very few. Why wouldn’t everyone go get the book? Call it mysteries of the mind again.

Or how about this one. Another highly successful speaker delivers a compelling talk to an audience of 1000. Afterwards, one person walks out and says, “I’m going to change my life.” Another person walks out with a yawn and says, “I’ve heard all this stuff before.” Why is that? Yep, mysteries of the mind.

The point here is don’t waste ANY time trying to turn ducks into eagles. Hire people who already have the motivation, drive and attitude of eagles. And then watch them soar.