We understand it is difficult for business managers to keep abreast with the ever-changing and sometimes complex requirements that organisations must comply with to ensure best practice cleaning is undertaken. iClean Facility Services is here to help you keep across the latest guidelines on the role of cleaning in the prevention of workplace infection.

The Victorian Government Department of Health & Human Services has published a 63-page document outlining ‘How Businesses can reduce the risk of coronavirus (COVID-19) infections in the workplace, including how best to clean and disinfect.’

There is a lot of critical information to digest in this document and we aim to publish a series of blogs to breakdown the key issues that you need to know about.

In this blog we will focus on the checklist for engaging routine commercial cleaning services, click on this link to read the checklist:

Covid Checklist

We are very pleased to assure you that iClean Facility Services ticks all the boxes on the checklist.

Scope of Works

You should invest significant time to create and review the Scope of Works and Cleaning Schedule. We can help you identify key areas that should be included and are often missed.


It is definitely not ‘one size fit’s all’ in cleaning. Residential cleaning is very different to commercial cleaning. iClean has been operating for over 20 years in commercial cleaning and our specialty is working within complex sites where quality is paramount.


We encourage prospective clients to obtain business references from reliable sources that are relevant to your industry.  It is also worthwhile to read online reviews before you enter into a new cleaning contract.


It goes without saying that cleaning contractors must show evidence of current insurances and workers compensation certificates.  Unfortunately, there are some shonky providers so please make sure you do your due diligence.

Compliance and cleaning guidelines

There is a long list of guidelines and we will cover off more on this topic in an upcoming blog. For example, did you know that cotton mops are no longer recommended in certain circumstances?


Will your cleaning provider conduct regular audits and site visits?  Do they support cleaners with regular training and development opportunities?

Training & Qualifications

You can learn a lot about a cleaning company by asking about their process for recruiting, induction and training cleaners.


Can your cleaners provide evidence to show that cleaning has been completed correctly?  At iClean we have stringent processes to provide our clients with evidence to give them peace of mind, these include the use of QR codes, photographic evidence, black light torch, white glove test and visual assessments.

Industry Association Memberships

Memberships to industry associations demonstrate that a cleaning company is committed to staying up to date on current best practices and industry guidelines.  iClean Facility Services is proud to be a member of BSCAA: Building Services Contractors Association of Australia.

The final word…

Sometimes, it’s simply about trusting your gut. If the company doesn’t seem transparent or you can’t get answers to your questions, then listen to your instincts. And if the price seems too good to be true? Well, when you pay peanuts…

Here at iClean, our business is not built on sprays and soaps. It’s built on detailed systems – and a team of reliable, passionate people. But more than that, we fulfil our promises and won’t take your trust for granted.