With businesses around the country on high alert about the risks associated with Covid outbreaks, it is important to follow the principles that have already been set by essential services.

Health, aged and child care services have recognised the immediate need for preventative cleaning and  businesses are starting to take notice.

Preventative cleaning has played a dramatic part in flattening the coronavirus curve.

Although the coronavirus is airborne, it can be transmitted from person to person through close contact and frequently touched areas. Most viruses can survive for hours on hard surfaces and bacteria can last for days.

The aim of preventative cleaning is to remove the germs, as well as the organic matter that germs live in on surfaces, at the same time.

When conducting a preventative clean, it is important to deal with a qualified professional that knows which surfaces have the highest risk of being CONTAMINATED by germs and which areas have the highest risk of SPREADING germs.

Cleaning professionals identify these surfaces as HTPs or HIGH TOUCH POINT AREAS.

Areas like kitchens or washrooms that have taps and soap dispensers, for example, run the highest risk of being contaminated by the constant number of hands that are frequently touching them.

To ensure the complete disinfection and sanitisation of these areas, we recommend the following steps:

  • Consult with a cleaning company that has trained and qualified professionals that you can trust to clean your spaces
  • Tailor your clean to focus on HTPs – this could drastically reduce your cleaning budget
  • Conduct UV fluorescent marking audits for peace of mind, or if you don’t have access then contact us for a free audit
  • Disinfect all areas of your workplace frequently, using the correct procedures
  • Ensure that all viruses or germs remaining on the surfaces are killed using high strength disinfectant
  • Enforce hand hygiene through staff training, frequent hand washing, alcohol-based hand sanitiser and disposable gloves

If you have any fears or concerns about your workplace health, cleanliness and safety, fill out the form below for a free consultation and find out more on how to keep your staff safe from infection.