What Makes Us So Different?

We have developed unique technologies and systems which underpin us as Australia's best corporate cleaning company.

Let GPS Track Your School Cleaning

GPS tracks our cleaners every move which ensures we spend the correct amount of time cleaning your premises. Unparalleled Accountability.

Can a Smartphone Help Clean My Office?

Our cleaners complete activity sheets on their iPhones in real time as they're cleaning your office. This gives you Control & Transparency.

Who We Work With

A Commercial Cleaning Revolution

We’ll show you how Accountability is being brought back into the commercial cleaning industry.

After two years of research and development, iClean Facility Services has developed an iPhone App that all our commercial cleaning staff use, on all our sites, each time they clean.

The app has a detailed check sheet that must be completed by the cleaner prior to logging off at your site. The app also uses GPS to track when the commercial cleaning staff arrive and leave your site.

This means is that you will receive the commercial cleaning service that you expect.

We’re so confident that the app will deliver a professional cleaning service that we are prepared to offer you a money back guarantee if we don’t deliver on our promises.