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What’s that smell?

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What do you think of when you smell cinnamon and cloves? Freshly cut grass? Baked bread still warm from the oven? A simple scent can completely change a person’s mindset and remind them of happy (or unpleasant) memories. So, learning how to make your office smell good is important. It will influence the morale of your employees and influence the way your clients perceive your company. Here are some simple tips to keep your office smelling fresh and clean.

Keep it clean. Let’s start with the obvious. If your office isn’t clean, it’s likely to smell unpleasant. A reliable commercial cleaning service will regularly take out the rubbish, vacuum, mop, wipe down surfaces, clean windows and deep-clean floors.

Open windows when possible. This will air out the space and eliminate lingering odours, clearing stale and musty smells.

Focus on the bathrooms. They are often the most odorous space in the office. Review the cleaning process for bathrooms with your commercial cleaning team to be sure they are cleaning the entire space. Ensure sanitary bins are emptied regularly. In addition, consider installing an automatic bathroom spray and using fragrant hand soaps. Choose scents that are fresh and subtle. Fragrances that are overloaded with perfume can be overbearing.

Don’t forget about the lunch room.  Ensure your commercial cleaner empties the rubbish as part of every service. Also, implement a “fridge clean-out” followed by your commercial cleaner periodically cleaning of the interior and exterior of your white goods. This ensures all foods past their expiry date are removed before they create foul odours.

Add pleasant but mild scents. Speak with your commercial cleaner about adding a fresh fragrance to the air when they service your workplace. There is a selection to choose from and you can choose the perfume that best suits your environment.

Your professional cleaner will have helpful advice on how to maintain a fresh and clean workplace. If you have any general or specific questions about your workplace cleaning call iClean Facility Services on 1300 763 356. We love to talk about cleaning!

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