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About Us

Willem Flach is the CEO of iClean Facility Services. iClean Facility Services underwent a name and brand change in 2014. The company was previously known as Integrity Facility Services. Willem has been supplying cost-effective commercial cleaning services to the corporate world for more than 10 years. His companies have worked with Toyota Technical Services, BMW, as well as the local Government in Whitehorse, Casey, Mooney Valley and Maribyrnong in Melbourne to name a few.

We realise that Melbourne has hundreds of commercial cleaning companies all vying for your business. Choosing which one to go with is a massive challenge.

There are a few critical factors that really make us stand out from the pack:

  • We’re a 100% Australian family-owned local business (not a franchise) with a local reputation for delivering on our promise to you.
  • The onus is on us to perform: our industry-leading ironclad Guarantee ensures that we’ll meet your expectations.
  • Bluetooth technology monitors your cleaner in real time. Cutting-edge technology allows you complete control and transparency over the cleaning process.
  • Customised cleaning services packages that work with your budget and your facility’s unique requirements. We don’t take a “cookie cutter” approach but work with you to build a package that works for you.

Our Clients
We deliver a wide range of cleaning services to small, medium and large institutions in Melbourne and surrounding suburbs:

  • Independent primary and secondary schools
  • Commercial office cleaning
  • Preschool - Childcare centres and kindergartens
  • Industrial facilities and factories
  • Hospitals and medical facilities
  • Retail stores and shopping centres

Our Values
Our organisational values form the backbone of what we mean by integrity:

  • We work to discover your true needs and strive to respond and satisfy those needs with integrity.
  • We understand that being honest with you may not always be easy, but will always be rewarded.
  • We believe in cultivating long-term relationships with our suppliers. We value both product knowledge and the willingness to resolve tough issues.
  • We are innovators. We believe that technology and innovation should liberate people
    not replace them.
  • We believe that continuous improvement is not merely an organisational strategy but a personal journey for everyone involved.
  • Above all else, we value honesty, communication, and personal integrity.

Our Quality Assurance System
The iClean Facility Services Quality Assurance System is based on a philosophy of partnering with you to deliver the most cost-effective and efficient cleaning service in Melbourne. It ensures that your expectations are met and exceeded.

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  1. They are not delivering what they promised.
  2. I don’t know if I can trust the onsite cleaners.
  3. The cleaners aren't spending enough time at our premises.
  4. The agreed job specs are not being done.


Bluetooth technology allows you complete control & transparency over the cleaning process. Our cleaners are tracked and are therefore accountable for the quality of their work. We use Bluetooth technology and 'beacons' to ensure they spend the correct amount of time cleaning your premises.


  1. Confirmation that cleaner is spending correct time cleaning.
  2. Confirmation that cleaner is completing specified cleaning tasks.
  3. Transparent process enables feedback, improvement, and value for money.