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Stress less using Pareto

commercial office cleaning service

Do you feel burnt out? Does your work demand quicker responses and improved results month after month, year after year? Something’s got to give.
Your contractors are accountable to provide the service they promised – that’s the contract! If they don’t, they’re not fulfilling their agreement. When they don’t do their job, your attention is diverted, and you can’t focus on achieving your professional goals.

So, what’s important to you?

This is where the 80/20 rule, or Pareto principle, can help.

The principle explains how 20% of our efforts create 80% of the results. Using this principle focuses your energy and can massively improve your outcomes.
Applying this principle to your contractors will improve your satisfaction level with the service they provide.

For example, your commercial cleaner will have an agreed scope of works. This means that each time they clean your workplace they complete a set of tasks that comply with the standard set out in your contract. For example, if a sparkling reception area, hygienic bathrooms and shining kitchens make your workplace look 80% more professional, but the cleaners’ time is spent elsewhere, it needs to change.

By re-evaluating the 20% of the cleaning that improves the appearance of your workplace by 80%, you will release the stress valve on your cleaning budget.
Coupled with high-quality service and quick response time, this focus will ensure you arrive at work feeling like your money is being spent wisely.
Would you like help to evaluate your 20%? Phone Willem on 1300 763 356 to begin your path to a streamlined and successful contracting journey.

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