Simple ways to clean up after your pet (that really work)

Living with a pet is a wonderful experience, but it can be hard work especially if your pet is a dog or cat who sheds hair. Luckily, we at iClean Facility Services have discovered a simple way to remove pet hair from your carpets.

This is why we were recently included in a blog article for Advantage Petcare, who offered cleaning tips for pet owners. It was great to be recognised by the pet care industry for our cleaning expertise.

A simple way to remove stubborn pet hair from carpets.

Vacuuming won’t always pick up pet hairs that are embedded in your carpets. For a simple and effective alternative, try attaching a squeegee to an old broom handle. It’s important that the rubber strip on the squeegee is firm.

Run the squeegee along your carpets in a sweeping motion, then watch as the pet hairs loosen and gather into a ball! You can then just put them in the bin. When you do this regularly, your vacuuming will be a lot easier.

iClean Facility Services can offer plenty more useful cleaning tips, as well as our dedicated commercial cleaning service. Please contact us if you would like more information.

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