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Full sanitisation and disinfection of your workplace

Reduce the spread of virus with BIO-FOGGING.

Bio-fogging is the most powerful weapon against infections.

  • It’s a hospital-grade sanitiser
  • Kills 99.9% of harmful germs within 30 minutes
  • Non-toxic and safe for use around people
  • Cheaper than the cost of a commercial clean

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Why cut corners
– when you can clean them?

Looking for a provider who can manage all your cleaning needs? Look no further than iClean. Our capabilities are diverse – and designed with you in mind.

Services for your every need

At iClean, we’re all about partnerships. That’s why we build the capabilities in-house to meet your every cleaning need.

Carpet Cleaning

Industrial Cleaning

High Access Window Cleaning

Floor Restoration

Recycling program

Washroom & Hygiene Services

Graffiti Removal

Consumable Supplies

The complete 6-step iClean process

You just want the job done well, right? How we get there might not seem as important.

Well, we think understanding our approach is key to understanding us. That’s why we’d like you to read our famous ‘6-step iClean process’. It’s the backbone of our business – and the secret to our success.

  • Staff selection

    We recruit and carefully allocate cleaners to each new client. All iClean cleaners have the necessary training, references and police checks already in place.

  • Scope of works

    We organise detailed scope of works for all areas in
    each new premises.

  • Time setting

    We set log in and log off times for every service on site – which we then closely monitor.

  • Online training

    All cleaners undergo extensive online training before entering a new site.

  • Check sheets

    Our cleaners complete detailed check sheets for every service, every visit.

  • Regular auditing

    After many years delivering cleaning services, our experience has shown that the first 28 days of a new contract are critical to a long and successful relationship. After our first clean, the site is audited on a weekly basis for the first month. Audits are then carried out monthly.

And our cleaners tick all the boxes

iClean cleaners all have the training, references and credentials you deserve for true peace of mind. No ifs or buts about it.

Australian Federal
Police clearance

Working with Children
(WWC) check

iClean performance technology training reviews

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