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There’s no ‘I’ in iClean
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Teamwork. It makes our dream work. That’s why we value a positive and productive work culture above all. Meet the people who work behind the scenes to keep our clients happy, day after day.

Willem Flach

Passionate Scientist (at heart)

I’ve been running the show for almost 20 years. And every day, I feel lucky to lead this fun, motivated team.

But I also love working with our clients. Listening to their needs. Building relationships. Solving their problems.

A whacky scientist at heart, I majored in Microbiology and Biochemistry during my Bachelor of Science at Melbourne University. But when I discovered my passion for business and entrepreneurship, iClean became my world.

When I ask clients why they choose iClean in such a competitive market, they say ‘We just felt we could trust you’. And that’s music to my ears!

Jennifer Flach

Office Manager
Stickler for Details

With a background in project management, I’m known for my methodical, detail-oriented approach. So you can imagine how much I love smart systems – and seeing how they benefit our clients in all sorts of ways.

At iClean I’m involved in client liaison, HR, accounts and contract mobilisation. I also manage our cloud-based training program to ensure iClean is legal and compliant in every respect.

I enjoy the variety that every day brings at iClean. But what I love most is recognising and rewarding our cleaners for their loyalty and hard work.

Sophie Shield

Marketing Assistant
Wearer of 1001 Hats

I’ve always thrived in small, cohesive business environments – so iClean is the perfect place for me.

Although I’m here to build client relationships and support our sales team, I wear a million other hats. But I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Described by my team as a diligent worker and creative problem solver, I love partnering with other small businesses and keeping up with their changing needs.

David McCallum

Client Acquisition & Retention Manager
Australia’s Got Talent Superstar

Before joining iClean, I was the Director of my own cleaning business in Canberra. So I know firsthand the importance of integrity in this industry – and how rare it is to find.

As Client Acquisition & Retention Manager, it’s no surprise that I enjoy the people side of my role most of all. It’s always a great feeling to walk into a site and be greeted by a smiling client who truly appreciates our hard work.

And when I’m not working with our clients? I love to be on the big stage. Singing, dancing or acting – you name it!

Albert Carrazzo

Client Acquisition & Retention Manager
Best Tennis Player on the Team

I’ve been in the cleaning industry for 18 years – and am proud to now represent iClean, a truly reputable name in the Australian market.

The drive to create new business and delight our clients in every respect has me jumping out of bed each morning.

A qualified trainer in Certificate II and III in Cleaning and Operations, I am also tennis obsessed. And I am undefeated at the annual iClean Tennis Championships (well, I would be… if there was one!).

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