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Cleaning Industrial and Commercial Floors

Strength. Durability. High-performance.

Yes, we are talking about commercial and industrial floors. They must be rugged in these environments. By using industrial floor treatments, they will retain their resilience and stay fresh and clean for many years.


Let’s start with the most basic of industrial floor treatments: scrubbing! Industrial floors need commercial cleaning equipment. A broom and a mop won’t cut it. At least once a year, call in a commercial cleaning company to get your floors in tip-top shape.


Stripping is the process of completely cleaning a floor of any wax, debris and dust which leaves it bare. It’s a labour-intensive process that requires both technical skill and special equipment. Products needed vary based on the type of floor. For example, the chemicals used to strip a vinyl composition tile (VCT) floor may not suit stone flooring. After stripping a floor, a protective sealant is usually applied.


Sealing a floor helps to protect the floor from abrasion, moisture, scuffing, grease and grime. It must be applied to a clean, dry floor for best results. It provides a sealant to protect industrial floors, but it can also add texture.


Floor wax is a type of sealant that protects the floor, creates a non-slip surface, and adds a lovely shine or gloss. It must be carefully applied and “topped up” from time to time. Many waxes these days don’t require buffing, which means that you can simply mop them onto the floor. However, if the floor has already been treated, you may need to strip it before applying new wax.


Similar to waxing, finishing a floor provides the same results using a synthetic product. It can offer shine, slip resistance and durability. Both natural and synthetic wax finishes can keep your floors and office clean, safe, and easy to maintain, so choose whichever option best fits your needs.


Using specialised equipment, buffing gives your floor a facelift! It removes the topmost layer and smoothes away scratches, nicks and imperfections. Not only will your office floor appear fresher and more beautiful, but it will also be flatter and look more professional.

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