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Frau mit Erkltung

Winter brings a lot of unique challenges to health and cleanliness and Melbourne commercial workplaces can be greatly affected.

With many people sharing a small space, commercial cleaning companies need to be diligent by cleaning the air filters so that the re-circulated air and the winter germs that are kept at bay.

Here are some tips on how YOU can help to keep your workplace more comfortable this winter.

The Easy Stuff

Keeping your office clean is a big job, but there are some easy steps you can take to make sure that the small stuff is taken care of (so that you can leave the big stuff to cleaning experts).

For example, remember that having employees wash their hands regularly is important throughout the year, but it’s absolutely crucial during the winter months.

It’s also a good idea to enforce sick day policies – you don’t want one sniffling employee to give half your workforce a nasty cold!

Finally, always keep in mind that keeping an office environment clean and healthy requires specialised knowledge and tools, and a good commercial cleaning company can provide both.

The Big Stuff

What are the bigger steps that keep an office healthy? Have a quick look!

  • Entryways. Protecting entryways from the mud-covered footsteps of arriving employees and customers alike is crucial. Heavy-duty rugs are usually the best way to go, on top of a regular rotation so that one rug is being dried while another is “on duty.” This helps eliminate slip risks and mould.
  • Air. It’s hard to clean the air, right? Well, you won’t need to if you control the pollutants before they manage to get in the air you breathe. To do this, it’s important to dust all kinds of surfaces, from furniture to desks, so that dust can be vacuumed instead of breathed.
  • Regular disinfectant. Disinfecting shared spaces is one of the most important things you can do to protect your office. Grab some cleaning spray and attack door handles, phones, keyboards, conference tables, and just about every surface in the bathroom, and your office is already well on its way to staying safe and healthy this winter.


  1. They are not delivering what they promised.
  2. I don’t know if I can trust the onsite cleaners.
  3. The cleaners aren't spending enough time at our premises.
  4. The agreed job specs are not being done.


Bluetooth technology allows you complete control & transparency over the cleaning process. Our cleaners are tracked and are therefore accountable for the quality of their work. We use Bluetooth technology and 'beacons' to ensure they spend the correct amount of time cleaning your premises.


  1. Confirmation that cleaner is spending correct time cleaning.
  2. Confirmation that cleaner is completing specified cleaning tasks.
  3. Transparent process enables feedback, improvement, and value for money.