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Office Cleaning

Stress less using Pareto

Do you feel burnt out? Does your work demand quicker responses and improved results month after month, year after year? Something’s got to give. Your contractors are accountable to provide the service they promised – that’s the contract! If they don’t, they’re not fulfilling their agreement. When they don’t do their job, your attention is…

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3 Key Ways To Reduce Your Cleaning Costs

Commercial cleaning costs are a necessary expense of any office or commercial facility. The cleanliness of the workplace directly impacts clients, business prospects and employees. However, many companies could reduce their commercial cleaning costs by 20 – 33% by making some simple changes. Here are three easy steps to dramatically reduce your cleaning bill: 1.…

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What’s that smell?

What do you think of when you smell cinnamon and cloves? Freshly cut grass? Baked bread still warm from the oven? A simple scent can completely change a person’s mindset and remind them of happy (or unpleasant) memories. So, learning how to make your office smell good is important. It will influence the morale of…

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Paper Towel vs Jet Air Dryers

Personal hygiene is always important, but the seasonal change into winter can make us more aware of how our own habits contribute to our health and to the health of people around us. If we all did our bit and washed our hands properly we could reduce respiratory infections by 16%. Statistics also prove that…

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7 easy cleaning tips to keep your workplace clean.

Now is the perfect month to review your company cleaning plan and begin creating new procedures for autumn and winter. To help clients and staff stay well this season, iClean offers 7 tips for making this seasonal transition as easy as possible. Focus on Floors: Floors take a beating during adverse weather conditions. Scrub entry…

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Make Sure Your Commercial Office Cleaning Company Knows This!

Commercial Office Cleaning

What’s the dirtiest part of the office, and can you be sure that your commercial office cleaning company is neutralising this threat? Is it the floor, the rubbish bin, the desk, or the door handles? What about the items on the desk – is the phone dirtier than the keyboard? Recent studies have highlighted that…

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Office cleaning tip – Reduce dust in your workplace

office cleaning

Is your commercial cleaner consistent with their cleaning systems? Does dust accumulate in your workplace? If your office cleaner does not pay close attention, then dust will build over time. It lingers around your computer, behind your monitor and on flat surfaces. It has a funny way of sticking around and leaves you more prone…

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Are bacteria lurking in your carpets?

Most offices schedule a periodical vacuum of their carpets which makes them appear clean and fresh. But often it is what we cannot see that has the greatest effect on our staff and client’s health. Carpets in commercial spaces can harbour mould spores, allergens and sometimes bacteria and viruses. Professional cleaners who use industry standard…

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