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Six Reasons Why it is More Important Than Ever to have Trained Cleaners in a Post-COVID Workplace

Six Reasons Why it is More Important Than Ever to have Trained Cleaners in a Post-COVID Workplace

written by Willem Flach, CEO iClean Facility Services

I was recently on Burke Road, Camberwell (a suburb of Melbourne), where I noticed what seemed like an army of cleaners with spray bottles and Chux wipes in hand. They were wiping down lampposts, sign posts and other surfaces that could be touched by the public.

I’m sure the Boroondara Council has noble intentions in trying to protect their citizens during this pandemic but it felt more like a PR stunt than a legitimate exercise in preventing coronavirus cross-contamination from one hard surface to another.

The reason for my concern is simple. To prevent cross-contamination, you should fold your cloth into eighths and use a fresh area of your cloth (or a new Chux wipe entirely) for each new surface you clean; otherwise all you are doing is hastening the spread of the virus from one surface to another, similar to a bee cross pollinating from one flower to the next.

This was not what the cleaners were doing. They were using a single Chux wipe and moving from one pole to the next.

An effective solution would be to use disposable disinfectant wipes between each surface so that the wipe could be discarded between each clean.

The whole incident served as an immediate reinforcement of why we spend so much time and money training our cleaners before we allow them onto our clients’ sites.

Here are six good reasons why all companies (but especially cleaning companies) need to place a high priority on the training of their people.

1. Improves employee performance

Burke Road highlighted that the prime motivator for employee training is to improve productivity and performance. Training provides your employees with the expertise they need to fulfil their role and make a positive impact on your business. The skills they learn empower them to deliver a better quality of work with a fast turnaround rate.

It also gives your new hires a clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities within the organisation. They know their KPI’s and standards and they’re equipped with the tools to effectively meet them. 

2. Increases engagement

Engaged employees have an increased level of productivity – it’s as simple as that! Through training, you’re continuously engaging your employees and enabling them to engage back. There is two-way communication, shared opinions and internal workings, which means your employees are always up to date with what’s going on. This makes them more emotionally invested. They care about their role and are more willing to commit their time and energy to the company.

It was obvious yesterday, that the cleaners saw their job as wiping poles rather than protecting and ensuring the safety of the travellers and shoppers on Burke Road.

3. Improves employee retention and growth

It’s common knowledge that the hiring and onboarding processes can be a costly and time-consuming task. We have found that a powerful by-product of increased performance and engagement through training is cleaner retention.

Training boosts a feeling of value in employees. It shows that you’re committed to providing them with the resources needed to ensure they’re doing a good job. In turn, they’re more likely to enjoy their work and remain in your organisation for longer. This is especially critical in the cleaning industry. It also nurtures them further in their career within your organisation. One of the biggest benefits is that you’ll have more opportunities to hire from within, reducing recruiting and onboarding costs for your business.

4. Tracks employee skills

With eLearning, you can track the training your employees have taken. Our team at iClean use a cloud-based Learning Management System. This has two big advantages.

Through reports, you know if your employees are up to date with their training. Reports are a powerful tool for proving that training has taken place, as is usually the case for compliance. Tracking your training also helps you to develop better processes for your employees. It enables you to identify what they are and aren’t engaging with. This allows you to improve your course content, based on these insights, ensuring that your employees enjoy a better overall training experience.

5. Address internal weaknesses

A lack of awareness of internal weakness is a hazardous thing within an organization. Training overcomes this, as you can educate your employees on important subjects that help overcome and avoid any issues. Additionally, it creates a knowledge-sharing environment – your employees learn from past mistakes and wins. This ensures that recurring mistakes are reduced and your employees know the strategies for success.

6. Happier customers

Perhaps the most impactful aspect of employee training is it’s beneficial effect on your business’s growth. Simply put, better trained employees make more productive team members that ultimately serve your customers better. The result of this is that your customer retention increases – happier customers stick around for longer and buy more. This can powerfully fuel your business’s growth.

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