How to sustain a safe work environment and reduce the potential of another shutdown

How to sustain a safe work environment and reduce the potential of another shutdown

How to sustain a safe work environment and reduce the potential of another shutdown

And just like that, we’re back. Well, not quite.

As we re-enter the workforce, we have to acknowledge that things will be different and we hope the environment we return to improves with time.

The general public have been well educated on social distancing, face masks and hand sanitizing in public, but how much do we know about the health and safety of our workplaces?

There is no blanket rule, meaning each industry, from food handling to aged care, will require a different set of health and safety protocols.

Are we prepared to deal with another shutdown?

While the measures we are aware of can help protect facilities reopening; strict and structured cleaning protocols are needed to control the risk of possible outbreaks or the evacuation of our workplaces.

Here are 4 points of awareness for sustaining a safe and healthy work environment daily:


Whether you have or are about to open your doors – now is the perfect opportunity to undertake thorough cleaning and disinfecting procedures to create the safest environment possible.


Viruses and germs travel two ways – from home to work and work to home. Preparing the workplace for employees involves both cleaning procedures and educational resources to help make them feel safe.


Educating employees where high contact touchpoints are for germs to thrive, providing disinfecting supplies to keep personal workspaces clean, and targeting these areas with regular, professional cleaning will deliver safe, clean spaces throughout the day.


At the close of each workday, thorough cleaning and disinfecting practices will help prevent germs from lingering on surfaces and spreading throughout other areas. Frequently touched surfaces should be prioritized.

iClean Pro Tips

We highly recommend that every business stays up to date with the COVID-19 information packages and resource kits available from Safe Work Australia.

You will find detailed guidelines on how to keep your people safe, healthy and aware. There is a wide range of cleaning information for many industries, however, if your industry is not covered, please contact us.

iClean are helping our partners implement three critical areas for re-opening:

  • Cleaning and disinfection control programs
  • Hand hygiene
  • Best practices for high touchpoint areas

You can help to protect the people that walk through your facility doors or places of work every day by being prepared.

Please feel free to reach out to us for any advice as we are well prepared to deal with most cleaning or disinfection emergencies.

We would prefer you to have peace of mind by being prepared, reducing your risk of workplace infection and having a fresh, clean and healthy workplace to come to everyday.

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