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No more smelly foot-jam in the classroom

No more smelly foot-jam in the classroom

Point your nose proudly to the ceiling feeling fresh and ready for a new day…when you choose a cleaner that follows 5 key commercial cleaning rules

No student enjoys the smell of foot-jam in the classroom. Nor do they come to school to learn to wrestle with an overflowing, bacteria-filled bin. They shouldn’t even know the feeling of sticky bathroom floor under their feet. It’s simply not ‘ok’. ☹ Unfortunately, it’s happening in too many schools.

We all know the importance of a healthy learning environment for our kids. After all, we’re not learning rocket science! If our classrooms, common areas and bathrooms are hygienic and clean, then our kids have a better chance to feel healthy and be engaged in their learning.

But left unloved, classrooms quickly become havens for germs and bacteria to breed. A professional and experienced commercial cleaning company can keep your school up to scratch because they use measured and accountable systems, that work.

The Holy Grail of Commercial Cleaning

So, what’s the Holy Grail of keeping your school hygienic, fresh and clean? Here are the 5 key commercial cleaning rules that give you peace-of-mind that your commercial cleaning $$$$$ are used in every nook and cranny while ensuring your contractor is working risk-free in your school.

1. How do you monitor their work?

Your provider says their staff will spend four hours cleaning each night.

If this four-hour period is after working hours – and no one is around to check – how do you know their cleaners aren’t leaving early? Like three and a half hours early (and only emptying the bins for show)!

Do their cleaners complete a check sheet each shift? And can the company provide a fortnightly report on time spent cleaning the facility? Finally, how often will the site be audited?

These questions can sort the wheat from the chaff.

A good commercial cleaner will have processes in place to remotely manage their staff and keep them accountable.

2. Can you hear me?

🎵 “Ground Control to Major Tom.
Your circuit’s dead, there’s something wrong.
Can you hear me, Major Tom?” 🎵

We bet David Bowie wished he had a direct line to management! 😊 The same goes for your cleaner. It’s important to know who to call if something needs immediate attention. It’s also nice to have regular visits from your customer service manager to chat about audits and the quality of your cleaning.  Also, a simple tool like a communication book passes on valuable information and questions to your cleaners.

3. Well trained and reliable staff

The traffic of hundreds of students and staff keep an astute and conscientious cleaner engaged and busy! A great cleaner loves the mess this can create and gets to work using commercial equipment and following well-managed systems.

Look for the following attributes to know you are using a quality cleaner.

They will:

  • Only begin work after comprehensive company-lead training
  • Follow an agreed and detailed schedule
  • Log their time when they arrive and leave your school
  • Measure their success using regular audits
  • Use commercial equipment
  • Be time-efficient
  • Share the load (cleaning is an aerobic activity, so people get tired after 3 hours of cleaning. It may be more cost-effective to have 2 cleaners on the job for 1.5 hours to energetically clean to a sparkling finish!)

4. Do they know their “legal stuff”?

Legal stuff can be boring, but it is really important!

Did you know, that since 30 October 2019, it’s illegal to work with a cleaning company that doesn’t have its Labour Hire Licence?

So, make sure any company you partner with has, or is in the process of, signing this licence.

It’s also important they have their liability insurance well and truly sorted. Without it, it’s like giving your house keys to a stranger and hoping they’ll lock the door on the way out! Of course, you wouldn’t take that risk. The same applies to your school.

Liability insurance is a no-brainer for a professional contract cleaner. It protects your school from the cost of damage or if a cleaner is injured at work.

All cleaners should also have Federal Police, Working with Children Checks and Certification to give you peace of mind that your school is safe and secure.

5. Does your commercial cleaner have raving fans?

Professional cleaners will have satisfied clients that are happy to share their experience with you. It’s important these references are from schools that are a similar size and have comparable cleaning needs as your own.  

Here are some questions you can ask their references:

  • Are you happy with the job they are doing? Why or why not?
  • How do you receive reports on completed work? How often do you receive audits?
  • What are their cleaning staff like? Are they reliable?
  • How many cleaning staff come to your workplace?
  • How long do cleaners stay?
    Who do you contact if you have any issues? Are issues quickly resolved?

Also, make sure the testimonials are genuine and not just marketing posts!

The Final Word

If all this talk of cleaning fills you with inspiration and you’d like to talk more about School Cleaning, we share your passion. We’d love to hear from you. iClean have built 20 years of cleaning success from earning trust and delivering a clean and fresh workplace after every service.

We couldn’t agree more with the old saying “Your nose knows!”

If your classrooms are smelling like foot jam, or your toilets are making you hold your breath, then your gut is probably giving you the right instinct. It may be time to tap into the Cleaning Holy Grail and follow these 5 key rules to engage with a great commercial cleaner.