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Nanotechnology leads the way in self cleaning

Nanotechnology leads the way in self cleaning

Imagine a self-cleaning surface. One that only needs a bead of water to wash away oil or dirt.

Technology being developed in India which is scalable, affordable and has the potential to make a water and oil repellent surface. 

What does this mean? It means less resources, effort, time and money to keep our city environment clean. It is a low-cost self-cleaning solution for solar panels, street lights, glass on high-rise buildings and glass facades. This increases the efficiency of solar panels and street lights. This nanotechnology is also being developed for oleophobic or oil repellent surfaces. This is particularly useful with touchscreens devices. The benefits don’t stop there. This technology is also helping other areas to develop, such as data storage media, optoelectronic devices and cancer therapeutics. 

How does it work? Imagine that you shrunk yourself down 1,500 million times! That’s about 1,000th as wide as a human hair. Now you are ‘nanoscale’’. You would see the world around you in atoms and you would be able to move around them. If you got busy, you could start to rearrange them like building blocks and create all kinds of new materials, medicines, computer chips and whatever your imagination would allow. This is the exciting field of ‘nanotechnology’ and this is the science that is helping to create self-cleaning surfaces. 

Stay tuned. Nanotechnology is exciting and is fast becoming more affordable and prevalent as science continues in its developments.