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Do you have the right office cleaning contract?

Do you have the right office cleaning contract?

Are you tired of hearing these staff complaints? 

The toilet stinks!

All they do is empty the bins!

There’s dust on the monitors. 

 The windows are dirty. 

You’re not alone. Many Melbourne offices are not happy with the standard of their commercial cleaning. It doesn’t have to be that way. Sign a solid and affordable commercial cleaning contract and you will know that you will get what you pay for.

Here are seven criteria you must include in your contract: 

1. Agreed specifications for your workplace

This includes the areas that require cleaning, what needs to be done and the frequency of service in that area. 

2. Specify the amount of time the cleaners need to spend in your office – CLEANING

Time is required to ensure your specifications are met. Be clear with your cleaner(s) about your key areas of concern to make sure sufficient time is allocated to keep these spaces spic and span. If you suspect they are skipping out early, ask your security company for a report for the time spent by the cleaner(s). If this doesn’t match your agreement, you know you are not getting what you paid for. 

3. Check sheets must be completed each service

Check lists detail all aspects of what is covered in the specification agreement. It provides you with proof of service. Ask your contractor for these on a periodical basis so you can keep check. 

4. Commercial grade equipment

Commercial cleaning requires commercial equipment. Agree to use commercial grade equipment needed to keep your office up to standard. For example: floors with a hard surface require an imop for high quality front-of-house cleaning. Correct stripping and sealing are necessary for the longevity of your floors.

TIP: Check there is a red mop for toilets and a blue mop for other hard floors. 

5. Trained and qualified cleaners 

Staff must be trained to make sure they know how to achieve a clean, sanitised and disinfected office environment. Ask your provider to show you how they train their cleaners. 

6. Federal Police / Working with Children Check 

This is necessary for security and safety of your workplace. 

7. Regular auditing

Request a regular call to follow up on your satisfaction of the service. This will ensure that quality assurance in place. 

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