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Going Green can help the environment and allergy sufferers

Going Green can help the environment and allergy sufferers

Spring and summer days can mean allergy season to many people. Wouldn’t it be great if we could help those allergy sufferers even just a little bit when they are in the office?

Many office cleaners use cleaning ingredients that are not only harmful for everyone, but especially those that suffer from asthma and indoor and outdoor allergies. 

This time of the year we enjoy the blooming of trees, bushes and flowers and with windows open, that gentle breeze of fresh air also is blowing in pollen and dust into the office. To help those that do suffer, having an office cleaning service come in weekly to remove allergens in the air and around the office with an environmentally safe cleaning system will remove allergens and help with not only those suffering from allergies but everyone in the office. 

A great start to these seasons is to make sure that your office cleaning company is using green products that are environmentally safe and reduce harmful toxins from lingering in the office. You also want to ensure that your cleaning team understands “green cleaning” techniques and is using environmentally responsible equipment such as microfiber cleaning cloths and HEPA backpack vacuums.