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Did someone say spare money? This greedy Mega Gulper gives you money back in your pocket.

Did someone say spare money? This greedy Mega Gulper gives you money back in your pocket.

Did you know that you can save 25% OFF your commercial cleaning bill by simply changing the foot on your vacuum cleaner?

It sounds too easy, doesn’t it? Your carpet and hard floors will be clean and fresh, but your cleaning bill will reduce dramatically.

So, let’s get down to business. What is a Mega Gulper? It’s an extra-wide vacuum head with a flat design to fit into the tightest nooks and crannies.  No more dust balls in the corners or staff complaining that the cleaners “missed a spot” or worse still, “didn’t turn up”!

Why does it work?

Its unique design of litter pickers are made of specially angled velour to ensure your carpets are spick and span. The rubber bumpers protect your skirting boards and furniture from marks and scratches.

Here’s the nitty-gritty: How much you will save by asking you cleaner to change the vacuum head to a Mega Gulper? The average business will reduce its cleaning bill by 25%. That’s money back in your company’s pocket. Leaving the average businesses with an extra $2500. Simple!

How to fix your cleaning headaches

One of the most common complaints heard by commercial cleaning companies is that customers feel they are not getting value for money. We hear you – and we’ve listened! The great news is that there are so many ways to improve efficiency by using thorough and managed systems. Just because your cleaner is saving on time, it doesn’t mean they are skipping the detail. Ask your site supervisor for a chat about clever time-saving ideas (less time = more money) while leaving your workplace fresh and clean.

I think we all agree that walking through the door to fresh-smelling building puts a spring in everyone’s step. No more opening the bathroom door with your foot, fear of putting your handbag on the floor or avoiding the germs on the door handle. Your cleaner has your back when they use clear and thorough systems that manage your high traffic areas, keep touchpoints hygienically clean and NEVER overlook the detail. Professional, commercial-grade equipment, like the Mega Gulper, give you peace-of-mind that your office, industrial site, medical facility and educational facility look and feel fresh, clean and ready for business

This small but significant change to your cleaners’ equipment is your first step to reducing your commercial cleaning costs.

Ask your cleaning company to make one simple change – a different cleaning head.
Stay tuned for more great ideas.