Cloths vs Wipes: Which one wipes our worries away?

Cloths vs Wipes: Which one wipes our worries away?

Cloths vs Wipes: Which one wipes our worries away?

Microfibre cloths vs disposable wipes.

An age old battle in the cleaning industry.

There has been plenty of footage surfacing lately showing cleaners using microfibre cloths on multiple surfaces in a workplace when conducting high touchpoint cleaning.

This could potentially be causing more harm than good.

Cloths can be one of the biggest causes of cross-contamination.

For example, if a cleaner is using a single microfibre cloth and it comes into contact with a contaminated area, they run the risk of spreading contamination onto several other areas.

When a microfibre cloth gets dirty, it is sent to wash with several other cloths that have potentially cleaned several spaces like your kitchen, washroom, toilet and maybe even your keyboard!

Not only does this scream of cross-contamination; washes will cause significant wear to the fibres of the cloth over time, making them less effective after every wash.

At iClean we choose to use disposable, hospital-grade disinfectant wipes when doing touch-point cleaning.

These pre-wet wipes are used only once on each surface and are disposed of after use.

This way we know, there is a reduced risk of housing germ-harbouring materials that could potentially harm your staff.


  • If you notice the use of dirty cloths in your workspace, remove them for cleaning immediately or ask your cleaner to throw them away.
  • If you think your staff or cleaners have used a dirty cloth; make sure to wash, disinfect and dry any equipment, work surfaces or utensils it has touched.
  • If a dirty cloth has been near food in the kitchen or lunch room, throw away any food that might have been in close range as it may be contaminated.


  • Consider using disposable wipes if you are not using them already.
  • Increase your supply of disposable/clean cloths.
  • Train staff your staff on this safe method.
  • Improve your supervision or consult a capable cleaning team

We recommend that you keep a good supply of disposable wipes in areas with high touchpoints such as kitchens, lunchrooms and washrooms. Staff are more likely to use disposable wipes if there are plenty and if they are readily available.

If you would like to learn more about the important of disinfecting high touchpoint areas, please use the contact box below and we will get in touch to help you.

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