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5 tips to finding the best office cleaning services

5 tips to finding the best office cleaning services

First Two Weeks Cleaning – FREE*.

Are you happy with your commercial cleaner? Many businesses would answer no, and let’s be honest, if your cleaning is up to standard you wouldn’t be reading this article! 

There are many commercial cleaning companies competing within the same market. So, it doesn’t make sense that you are unhappy, especially when cleaning is a high cost expense. 

Commercial cleaners can claim to be professional, offer best results and value-for-money. Unfortunately, you don’t know if they will fulfil these promises until they are employed. 

Changing cleaners can be a time-consuming process. Keep reading for tips to get you started on choosing the right cleaner for your business and our offer for first two weeks of cleaning – FREE*. 

Your commercial cleaner needs to have: 

Proof of Insurance, Certifications, Federal Police and Working with Children Checks 

Liability insurance protects you against costs that may be incurred in the case a cleaner becomes injured at the workplace. Certification, Federal Police and Working with Children Checks help to ensure the security of your workplace. 

Excellent Reputation

Professionals need to have several satisfied clients. The happiness of current and former customers stands as evidence of their quality. Make sure the testimonials are genuine and not just marketing posts! 

Customisable plans and detailed programs 

Choose a cleaning service that caters to your specific needs. You should be given a detailed work specification document. This outline provides all the tasks that cleaners are will complete and the cost for carrying them out. 

Look for the best price to quality ratio rather than the biggest bargain. Cleaning services that are excessively cheap may come either with hidden costs or substandard quality. 

Flexibility and Customisation 

Ensure your office cleaning service will be flexible and offer what you need. Whether your office is small, or the company employs hundreds of people, every business has highly specific cleaning requirements. 

So, cleaning needs to be customised. Flexible and reliable cleaners can work according to your schedule. You’ll be the one to specify how regularly the office will be cleaned and what the cleaning service will include. 

Ease of Communication

Honest communication is fundamental when choosing your commercial cleaner. Make sure the potential cleaning company understands your needs and is ready to openly communicate to maximise your benefits. 

A friendly approach is a necessary for total satisfaction with the partnership. Make sure that the company rep is ready to listen to you and that all your needs are understood perfectly. 

We know that our service excels in all these areas and are confident that you will love our cleaning. So, we are offering the first two weeks of cleaning – FREE*. Call Willem on 1300 763 356 or email support@icleanfs.com.au, to book cleaning trial at your workplace. There is no obligation to stay with us. 

Need help finding an honest office cleaner with an eye for detail? Call us on 1300 763 356.