3 key ways to reduce your cleaning costs – NOW!

3 key ways to reduce your cleaning costs – NOW!

Commercial cleaning costs are a necessary expense of any office or commercial facility. The cleanliness of the workplace directly impacts clients, business prospects and employees. However, many companies could reduce their commercial cleaning costs by 20 – 33% by making some simple changes. 

Here are three easy steps to dramatically reduce your cleaning bill:  

Commercial cleaning costs are a necessary expense of any office or commercial facility. The cleanliness of the workplace directly impacts clients, business prospects and employees. However, many companies could reduce their commercial cleaning costs by 20 – 33% by making some simple changes. 

Here are three easy steps to dramatically reduce your cleaning bill: 

1. Review your cleaning specifications.

Communicate with your commercial cleaner and systematically review your current list of specifications. Use their experience to guide you through all the items and review the frequency and necessity of each task. 

Your commercial cleaner may also be able to advice you on streamlining the cleaning process. Each workplace is unique and therefore have different areas of focus. Your cleaning company may formulate a plan that still fulfils your requirements but offers better value for money. 

For example, we were able to reduce the cleaning expenses of an architectural firm by 40% by dividing the office into three distinct areas and concentrating on each area on a different day of the week. 

2. Have everyone contribute.

Recently we were able to save a Melbourne office 27% in their monthly cleaning bill, simply by having everyone return their own glasses to the kitchen. Previously this was included on the specification sheet. By redirecting this simple house-keeping task, considerable time was saved, resulting in reduced costs. 

3. Do you really need all those bins? 

Emptying bins is one of the most labour intensive and expensive activities that cleaners perform. Offices can save a significant amount of money by reducing the number of bins around the office. 

• Consider having one bin to a group of work stations rather than one per desk 

• Also consider asking employees only to place empty food containers in the kitchen area and not to eat at their desk. 

These three key steps are a great initial way to gain control over your spend on commercial cleaning. If you would like to know more, feel free to phone iClean today on 1300 763 356. Our advice is free and we love to talk about cleaning!