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Now is the perfect month to review your company cleaning plan and begin creating new procedures for autumn and winter.

To help clients and staff stay well this season, iClean offers 7 tips for making this seasonal transition as easy as possible.

Focus on Floors: Floors take a beating during adverse weather conditions. Scrub entry floors to remove dirt and then recoat to give the floor added protection.

Off the carpet: Many workplaces delay cleaning carpets before and during the winter months. This can be a mistake as the carpets can become saturated with contaminants and impact indoor environmental quality. Thoroughly cleaning carpets before winter keeps them cleaner throughout the chilly winter months.

Break the restroom routine: Cleaning professionals often develop cleaning habits — especially in restrooms — cleaning benchtops and fixtures in the same way. Seasonal transitions call for taking a fresh look at restroom cleaning procedures and adopting some innovative technologies, products and methods where appropriate.

Install mats: Install matting inside each entrance to capture dirt, water and sand before it is tracked throughout the facility.

Repair any floor defects: Dirt can become trapped in chips, cracks and crevices.

HEPA savings time: (This is your industrial air filter) An easy way to remember when to clean or change HEPA filters is by changing them when Daylight Savings Time begins and ends.


  1. They are not delivering what they promised.
  2. I don’t know if I can trust the onsite cleaners.
  3. The cleaners aren't spending enough time at our premises.
  4. The agreed job specs are not being done.


Bluetooth technology allows you complete control & transparency over the cleaning process. Our cleaners are tracked and are therefore accountable for the quality of their work. We use Bluetooth technology and 'beacons' to ensure they spend the correct amount of time cleaning your premises.


  1. Confirmation that cleaner is spending correct time cleaning.
  2. Confirmation that cleaner is completing specified cleaning tasks.
  3. Transparent process enables feedback, improvement, and value for money.