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What Makes Us The Best

cleaning-servicesWhat makes us so different to the multitude of commercial cleaning companies in Melbourne?

The answer is twofold:

  1. Our bullet proof Guarantee puts the pressure on us to deliver the highest quality cleaning services. If you’re not satisfied you’ll receive one (1) week’s commercial cleaning absolutely FREE. And that’s a promise!
  2. Our market leading iPhone technology tracks our cleaners activities, and the time they spend cleaning your premises. This ensures a transparent and professional service.

Here are another 10 good reasons to choose iClean Facility Services:

1. You get a FREE Spring Clean!
Take a quick look around your facility and ask yourself:

  • Are the floors clean and shiny? Free from paint marks, scuffs and debris?
  • Are carpets and mats clean or do they have Play-doh or other sticky deposits embedded in the fibres?
  • Are your skirting boards clean and free from scuffs & debris?
  • Are the outside of the S-bends on your toilets free from dirt & grime?
  • What about hard-to-reach spaces like the top of bookshelves?
  • Are your windows and window sills clean?

If you answered “NO” to any of the questions above it’s time for a good spring clean!

The weekend before we commence our regular cleaning services our team will come in and do a thoroughly detailed spring clean – regardless of the season!

You won’t believe the difference when you come in on the Monday morning! While you are enjoying your weekend, we’ll be scrubbing the floors, steam cleaning and deodorising carpets and mats and detail cleaning the toilets.

  • FREE Spring Clean (value $665.00):
  • Steam cleaning of all carpets and mats
  • Detailed clean of your centre
  • Detailed clean of your office
  • High dusting of lights, fans and removal of all cobwebs
  • Detailed clean and scrubbing of all toilets
  • Machine scrub of all hard floors in toilets and kitchen

We promise you WILL notice the difference come Monday morning.

2. Our Satisfaction Guarantee leads the commercial cleaning services industry in Melbourne:

Have you ever felt…?

  • That you’re not getting the cleaning service you’re paying for?
  • Reluctant to pay your cleaning invoice because you felt “ripped off”?

Don’t worry! With our money-back guarantee you can rest assured that you’ll receive the cleaning services that you expect. And if we fail to meet your expectations? You’ll get one (1) week’s commercial cleaning absolutely FREE.

The onus is on us to deliver – or we pay the price – not you.

3. GPS tracking

Although we spend a great deal of our time recruiting and training the right people to join our team, in the end we cannot be on-site every night to monitor their work and to check that they are:

  1. Spending the time on your site that we’re paying them for, and
  2. If they’re completing the tasks that we have agreed on in your cleaning specifications.

Smartphone technology and  iClean's new Geo Coded App has revolutionized the cleaning services industry by markedly improving the accountability of its commercial cleaning team.

The commercial cleaning staff must login to the app using a Smartphone when he or she commences work and when they finish. This allows iClean to monitor the cleaner in real time and determine if the cleaner is spending the required time each night.

4. Smartphone technology

Have you ever had the feeling that only half the cleaning is being done?

Our commercial cleaning staff complete activity sheets on their Smartphones in real time as they're cleaning your office. This system provides complete control and transparency.

5. Cost effective commercial cleaning services

iClean Facility Services is a family-run, Melbourne-based company. We are not a franchise! Why is that important?

Franchisees pay a franchise fee – sometimes a very substantial fee to a franchisor.

The only way a cleaning franchisee can make money is by doing as many jobs as possible. Result? They clean your facility as quickly as possible so they can get to the next job. For them it’s all about speed and “churn” – not quality of service.

Our commercial cleaning staff are our employees – not contractors or franchise owners. They are paid to do the job required and are given the time to service your facility properly.

6. Recruitment

I’m sure you understand how difficult it is to get good staff. The question we are often asked is:

“Is it hard to find staff?”

The answer is an emphatic, “No – but it sure is difficult to find good people!”

As mentioned before, we don’t sell contracts to franchisees. We recruit and train our own staff. Finding the right staff to clean your facility can take time. Often we will interview 20-30 people before we accept someone to join the iClean team.


  • We prefer mature people: Although we do have some students working with us we find that as a general rule, mature people make better cleaners. They are more conscientious and have an eye for detail.
  • Own transport: All of our cleaners must have their own car.
  • Attitude is everything! We look for a “can-do” attitude. We want people who will take ownership for the cleaning of your work place. Not someone who just needs a job to pay the bills.

As you can imagine finding someone that meets all the above criteria is an onerous task! We believe it is the most important thing we do to ensure you are truly happy with our cleaning services.

And remember our iron clad Guarantee: if you’re not completely satisfied with our cleaning services, you’ll receive one (1) week’s commercial cleaning absolutely FREE. No strings attached. NO IFS OR BUTS.

The onus is always on us to deliver!

7. Quality Assurance Cleaning Systems
Does your current cleaner have two mops – a BLUE mop for general cleaning and a RED one for toilets and bathrooms? At iClean we strictly follow a colour coding system for cleaning facilities where cross contamination can be a real problem. 
You can be sure that the risk of spreading gastroenteritis and other diseases is kept to a minimum due to our cleaning regime.

8. Security, peace of mind, and working with children clearance
We totally understand the responsibilities you face not only from government bodies but also from your clients and customers. All iClean staff that clean childcare centres must have a Federal Police clearance and Working with Children check.

9. Supervision and Quality Assurance by our Operations Manager

“You don’t get what you expect – you get what you inspect!”

This is our mantra and we live by it.

Once we start cleaning your facility we need to walk our talk – it’s built into our Guarantee. This is the role of your Operations Manager. They will work closely with you – especially at the commencement of the contract to ensure your expectations are being met, and then meet with you on a regular basis after that.

10. Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S)
Because we have been in the cleaning services business since 1999, we fully recognise the importance of Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S) in the workplace, particularly when dealing with cleaning in sometimes challenging circumstances, like children’s facilities or retirement homes.

We have a comprehensive OH&S management system in place to minimise risk wherever possible. Our extensive OH&S measures are woven into all our work procedures and processes. This is evident in our staff training, selection and maintenance of top-of-the-range equipment, and provision of the best safety gear for our cleaners.

Thanks to our strict adherence to these OH&S measures, we minimise any potential risk or injury to our staff, customers and the general public and avoid damage to properties and the environment.

Need another reason to choose us for your commercial cleaning?

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  1. They are not delivering what they promised.
  2. I don’t know if I can trust the onsite cleaners.
  3. The cleaners aren't spending enough time at our premises.
  4. The agreed job specs are not being done.


Bluetooth technology allows you complete control & transparency over the cleaning process. Our cleaners are tracked and are therefore accountable for the quality of their work. We use Bluetooth technology and 'beacons' to ensure they spend the correct amount of time cleaning your premises.


  1. Confirmation that cleaner is spending correct time cleaning.
  2. Confirmation that cleaner is completing specified cleaning tasks.
  3. Transparent process enables feedback, improvement, and value for money.