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Posts by Sophie Shield

7 easy cleaning tips to keep your workplace clean.

Now is the perfect month to review your company cleaning plan and begin creating new procedures for autumn and winter. To help clients and staff stay well this season, iClean offers 7 tips for making this seasonal transition as easy as possible. Focus on Floors: Floors take a beating during adverse weather conditions. Scrub entry…

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Cleaning Industrial and Commercial Floors

Floor Office Cleaning Services

Strength. Durability. High-performance. Yes, we are talking about commercial and industrial floors. They must be rugged in these environments. By using industrial floor treatments, they will retain their resilience and stay fresh and clean for many years. Scrubbing Let’s start with the most basic of industrial floor treatments: scrubbing! Industrial floors need commercial cleaning equipment.…

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Office Cleaning Tips – A Healthy Winter Office

commercial cleaning

During winter, we endure shorter days and less sunlight. The cold and wet season can feel endless and most of us want to stay indoors and eat comfort foods. During this challenging season, we are at greater risk of falling sick and so we have some helpful tips on how to survive and feel better…

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Office Cleaning Tips For Winter

office cleaning

We need to clean in every season, not just in spring! As winter approaches, most of us are spending more time indoors, where we may face dust, cold and flu germs, and other things nasties. To help you keep your office both hygienic and sparkling clean, we’ve collected up some key winter cleaning tips ……

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10 Key Commercial Cleaning Contract Considerations

Commercial Cleaning Contract - Dollars

Are you looking to sign a contract with a reliable commercial cleaning company? Cleaning contracts can be expensive so the cleaners need to be accountable and committed to consistently delivering on your agreement. Here are 10 critical success factors we’ve identified which will take the guesswork out of your next cleaning contract: 1)    References…

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5 Tips To Finding The Best Office Cleaning Service

Your reception and office are the face of your business. It makes an important impression on employees, clients and business partners. A clean, welcoming office is conducive to productivity and creativity. So, you need a reliable office cleaning service. It can be difficult to choose the right office cleaning service when there are so many in…

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